How Much Does A Roof Cost?

Instant ball park prices!Jr. owner of Lykens Valley Contractors says it’s about $250-$325 a square. A square is 10 x 10 area or 100 square feet. The $250 range is more like a 3 tab shingle that comes with a 15-year warranty. The higher range gives you a bigger, thicker shingle with a 50 year or lifetime warranty. Most people don’t know what their square footage of roof. A good place to start is the width x the length… A 20 x 30 roof area is 600 square feet. This is just a rough idea of roofs in Pennsylvania. Some things that make the price go up are; chimneys, vent pipes, dormers, reverse gables, porch roofs, and low roof areas lower than the main house.

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Metal Roofing Job in Elizabethville, PA

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Metal Roofing Job in Harrisburg, PA

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Shingle Roofing Job in Schuylkill, PA

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