Replacement Windows

How do I know if I need replacement windows?

Lykens Valley ContractorsOften, over time, windows will fog up in between the two layers of glass. When this happens, the window most time needs to be replaced. Sometimes you can just replace the sash which is just the glass and the frame. Other common reasons for replacing windows are; broken windows, energy loss, and just simply the idea of new windows. LVC recommends replacing the complete window. We use a window that is designed for replacement windows. By using this window, the end result will look as good the original window installation

Can I replace my window without replacing the exterior siding or the interior trim?

Lykens Valley ContractorsMost times the answer is yes. Of course, there are some variations. If you have old wooden framed windows, you shouldn’t have a problem. Newer vinyl windows with build-in J-channel might be a problem. Jr. from LVC will be able to tell you just by looking at the window.

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